Learn More About C48CS113 C48C DC (1PBSNKRLY)

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Features and Specifications:

  • The C48C offers a choice of nine programmable counting modes for use in applications requiring bi-directional, anti-coincidence, and quadrature counting. The unit may be programmed to register counts on both edges of the input signal providing frequency doubling capability. DIP switches are used for input configuration set-up and to provide a Program Disable function.
  • Four front panel push-buttons are used for programming the operating modes and data values, changing the viewed display, and performing user programmable functions, e.
  • Description
  • The C48CS has a solid-state output that operates in parallel with a relay output. The solid-state output is an NPN current sinking, open-collector transistor output. All relay output boards are field replaceable.
  • The C48C features a 7 segment, 2 line by 6 digit backlit LCD display. For the backlit versions, the main display line is red and shows the count value. The smaller secondary display line is green and can be used to view the preset values or output time values.
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