Actron CP9190 AutoScanner Plus Diagnostic OBDII Code Scanner Review

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If you’re looking for vehicle scanner which offers more than average functionalities, then Actron CP9190 AutoScanner Plus diagnostic OBDII code scanner should be your choice. Designed to provide powerful diagnosis of your vehicle, this device offer something to veteran users and the ones who are newer to auto scanners.

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The Actron CP9190 AutoScanner Plus is designed to provide you more than ordinary performance. All you need to do is to connect the auto scanner with your vehicle and it will produce a diagnosis of your vehicle parts almost instantly. Not just that, it allows the user to freeze-frame and allows you to pinpoint the problems in your vehicle.

Actron CP9190 AutoScanner Plus Features & Specifications

  • Helps to read the status of why the check engine lights are on
  • Compatible on all new domestic and import vehicles including CAN
  • Display OBD II diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) from the on-board computers
  • Tool is updateable, accommodating future vehicles
  • Reader includes a one-year limited warranty

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The Actron AutoScanner Plus is an OBD II (On-Board Diagnosis II) code reader and it is compatible with all OBD II compliant vehicles which were manufactured in North American and the Asian and European continents between 1996 and 2011. It’s designed to work on cars manufactured after 2011 as well as the device can updated via internet. The auto scanner comes with a single data and power connection cable – the OBD II cable. Also, the USB cable makes it easier to connect to your computer.

The user interface of the actron obd ii autoscanner is easy and will provide you all the information you require in a snap. The device also features O2 monitor tests and have the ability to record live sensor data. Not just that, it has bilingual mode and can display the date in two languages i.e. English and Spanish. The Actron CP9180 AutoScanner device has a batter power as well and can run even when it’s disconnected from the vehicle.

Actron CP9190 Review

Users have found Actron CP9190 AutoScanner Plus diagnostic OBD2 code scanner extremely helpful. Users have appreciated the fact that it pinpoints to the faults and help you diagnose problems with your vehicles and various parts without using any professional’s help. Some users mentioned that the auto scanner helped them diagnose problems which would have been difficult to diagnose otherwise and they might have to pay hefty fees to the auto dealers to fix the unknown faults in their vehicles. Click here to read more reviews.

The Actron obd 2 autoscanner was extremely useful when we used this device. The vehicle was constantly showing “Check Engine” sign and we would never be able to diagnose the problem causing the signal without the auto scanner. The diagnosis took 10 minutes and after 15 more minutes we got it fixed and the vehicle was working fine.  It saved us $75. The kit is amazing and comes with a whole set of accessories that makes its usage even more easy. It outer case is solid and protects the device from being knocked around in the vehicle.

We highly recommend this Actron CP9190 AutoScanner Plus diagnostic code scanner to those who want to correct diagnosis of their car’s problems without paying huge fees to auto mechanics. Good news for foreign customers, the company offers free shipping to select countries outside US. Go check their website to find more details!

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