Actron CP9580 Auto Scanner Review

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The Actron CP9580 Auto Scanner is a unique product designed   for the benefit of automotive professionals and ordinary users as well.  The product is known for capturing and analyzing data efficiently. The actron obd ii autoscanner can as well help you to troubleshoot problems in a very efficient manner. With the cp9580  scanner you can easily enjoy easy troubleshooting with access to probable solution based aspects such as model, engine, and year of production and so on.

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The Actron cp9580 auto scanner comes with lots of standard features.  It has the ability to record and play back live engine data.  It displays live real time data easily.  It has a code-connect technology that accommodates up to 3 million fixes.  The actron obd2 scanner comes with ABS code erase and read capability. It has custom data list for maintaining live data and graph live data.  It also displays enhanced code definitions on the screen.

Actron CP9580 Auto Scanner Features & Specifications

  • Generic and manufacturer specific code definitions on screen and trilingual support
  • With CodeConnect quickly pinpoint and prioritize the solution not just the code
  • Providing 3 million verified fixes specific to the vehicle’s make, model, year and engine
  • Compatible with OBD-II and CAN vehicles 1996 and newer
  • Includes domestic ABS code coverage, record and playback data stream and on screen graphing
  • Custom data list for live data and graph live data
  • Additional advance features such as freeze frame data, drive cycle mode, state OBD check and print data support

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When it comes to its hardware features, the actron scanner cp9580 comes with optional battery power. It has a good USB Port that can be updated.  It also has print data to PC feature with three language options.

The software features of the  product include read and erase DTCs, generic and  specific code definitions,  read and display MIL status,  Read and display I/M Monitors, Visual indicator for communication with a vehicle, pending DTCs, freeze frame data, Drive cycle mode, state OBD check, Code lookup library, trilingual definitions and menu.

The  actron cp9580 auto scanner usually comes in a single box containing the Auto Scanner itself, connecting cables and the operator’s manual.  Some of its additional features include freeze frame data, print functionality, drive cycle mode and a lot more. It has a one year warranty.

Actron CP9580 Review

The Actron obd2 scanner is known to be very durable and reliable. You’re sure to use it for years before thinking of replacing it.  The parts are well powered to deliver good results.  The obd ii autoscanner is also very affordable online.  It’s actually on sale in various online shopping malls.  Several customers have also purchased it.

Currently, the Actron code scanner is causing waves online. Several reviews have been written in its favor.  At Amazon, the product is currently having up to 76 nice reviews. These are coming from several customers who have used the product. It’s currently having 4.1 out of 5 stars. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

One of the customers who bought and used the product says its working fine with his computer.  According to the customer, he has never regretted going for the product. Others were simply singing the praises of the Actron cp9580 auto scanner in their   reviews. It’s indeed a unique diagnostic code reader you can always go for at all times.

Meanwhile, few negative comments are seen in few of the reviews. One customer says the product has terrible software.  According to the reviewer, the product doesn’t send graphics to PC. It can only send raw data.

In any case, the Actron CP9580 Auto Scanner remains a very unique product that can serve you. You can always know more about its efficiency when you purchase it. Why not grab the device today? Click here to SAVE $90 on the Actron CP9580 Auto Scanner for a limited time only!

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